Academic Success & Bar Preparation

The College of Law has experienced continual gains in passage rates on the Florida Bar Exam, besting the overall average on at least two occasions.  Graduates credit our strong curriculum coupled with the supplementary training received through the Office of Academic Success and Bar Preparation (ASBP).

The ASBP Office has a multi-pronged approach to facilitating the law school’s goals of increased grade point averages, enhanced overall academic performance, and bar exam passage on the first attempt. Beginning with a skills assessment during new student orientation and continuing to the free, post-graduation Bar Exam Success Training (BEST) program, the ASBP Office seeks to help students achieve academic success through critical skills training that will transcend the law school experience and directly impact their preparedness to pass the bar exam and to become competent legal professionals.

The BEST Program is a 12-week program available to FAMU students after graduation. Participation is on a voluntary basis; however, alumni are strongly encouraged to participate fully. The BEST Program is free of charge to all FAMU first time bar takers, as well as alumni who have previously attempted, unsuccessfully, to pass the Florida bar exam. The BEST Program complements the commercial bar review program that each student takes by incorporating essay and multiple-choice writing workshops, by providing essay grading and feedback, individualized tracking and exam training, and a structured study plan to assist students in passing the bar exam.

Graduates who participate in the BEST Program pass at a higher overall bar passage rate than their equally situated counterparts that chose not to participate in the structured BEST Program. The BEST Program does not replace the need for a commercial bar review course. Participants in the BEST Program must have access to an updated commercial bar review course.