Pro Bono Programs

Florida A&M University College of Law is committed to our students’ awareness of their future ethical and professional responsibilities to provide service to their community. Students are therefore strongly encouraged to participate in law-related pro bono service activities during their tenure at the College of Law.

Pro bono service gives students the opportunity to perform valuable community service while learning about the legal needs of the underserved and developing the legal skills necessary to help meet those needs. Students play an integral role in providing access to justice by assisting in providing legal services to the poor, disadvantaged, and other individuals or groups unable to secure legal assistance to address critical problems. 

Your pro bono experience should be an integral part of your law school education and we urge you to participate enthusiastically in placements that will enable you to help others.  You should start planning for your pro bono service activity during your first year of law school after your first semester of courses.  You are responsible for obtaining placements at approved sites or sponsored programs. 

The Career Planning & Professional Development Office and the Legal Clinic & Field Placement Office are available for guidance in selecting a placement.


*Please note, the Pro Bono Program does not provide legal assistance to the public. For legal assistance, please contact the FAMU Law Clinical Program at 407-254-4000.*