Mediation Clinic



Students enrolled in the Mediation Clinic can become Florida Supreme Court certified County Court Mediators. Students observe and conduct actual mediations of small claims and county disputes in Orange and Osceola County Court, and develop crucial mediation and lawyering including mediation methodologies, active listening, effective communication, issue and interests spotting, negotiation, problem-solving strategies, and effective drafting. 

Some requirements of the Mediation Clinic are:

  • 4 credits, with the required completion of a minimum of 168 hours per semester, (approximately 13 hours during Fall/Spring or 16.8 hours during Summer per week. )
  • Completion of mandatory 24-hour County Mediation Certification Training which has an out of pocket expense to be covered by the student.
  • Mandatory seminar meeting every week


Contact: Prof. Eunice Caussade-Garcia: 407-254-3285.


Mark Dorosin- Associate Professor of Law

Director of Legal Clinics & Field Placements