Economic Justice Fellows


FAMU Law’s new Economic Justice Clinic’s dual mission is to serve small and minority-owned businesses and nonprofits in the community and train the next generation of social justice lawyers. 



Meet the Spring 2023 Wells Fargo Economic Justice Fellows

The Economic Justice Fellows are listed below in alphabetical order with a brief quote about why this opportunity is important. 



Sofie Barrett, third-year student from Orlando, FL  

  “Economic justice advocacy is important to me because I believe everyone deserves to be represented equally in a way that is feasible and accessible. Programs such as this allow for people to not only gain access to valuable information, but to take charge of their futures.” 


Brianna Bell, third-year student from Bronx, NY  

I am interested in economic justice advocacy because I want to do my part as a law student and future attorney to help address the numerous wealth disparities and economic injustices affecting our community. I am currently an Orange County resident, and I plan to remain in the Central Florida area after graduation. It is very important to support the community.”  


Ana Cook, third-year student from Miami, FL 

“I am interested in economic justice advocacy because I believe we all deserve a chance to succeed and pursue economic opportunities. I hope to be able to contribute to community advancements by being involved with the Economic Justice Clinic.” 


Christina Epperson, third-year student from Gore, VA 

“I believe economic justice advocacy is an integral part of creating equal opportunity and the ability to live fulfilling lives for all outside the constraints of an economic system built to benefit the few.”  


Merjan Kareem, third-year student from Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

“I am interested in economic justice advocacy because I believe that everyone, particularly minorities, deserves the assistance and guidance that the Economic Justice Clinic can offer. I want to use my knowledge and experience to assist those in our community who are economically disadvantaged and to provide resources that are not otherwise available to them.” 


 Helin Nagib, second-year student from Nashville, TN 

“I am interested in the Economic Justice Clinic because I come from an immigrant household that struggled to keep our business due to the lack of education and available resources. I want to help families like mine succeed and provide them with the necessary resources.”  


Mark Dorosin- Associate Professor of Law

Director of Legal Clinics & Field Placements