Intent to Enroll Fall 2022

Yes, I intend to enroll at the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University College of Law for Fall 2022!

I accept this offer of admission and certify:


· All the information in and attached to my application for admission is accurate and complete. I understand that inaccurate or incomplete information may result in disciplinary action, the denial or revocation of admission, dismissal from school, the invalidation of credits or revocation of the degree.


· I understand at all times, even after I am admitted and have enrolled as a student, I have an ongoing obligation to update and correct information on this application and to inform the law school of any changed circumstances.


· I agree to decline/withdraw acceptance from all other offers of admissions and scholarships from other law schools.


· I agree to abide by the policies of the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Board of Trustees and the rules and regulations of the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and the College of Law.


I have read the Offer of Admission Terms and Acceptance Procedures and understand failure to fulfill the obligations outlined in the document may lead to the forfeiture of my seat for the Fall 2022 entering class.

No, I have decided not to accept the offer of admissions for the following reasons: