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College of Law Ramps Up for July Bar Exams 






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For Immediate Release 

June 20, 2024  

The College of Law has strengthened its focus on bar success by adding new members to its Academic Success and Bar Preparation (ASBP) team and offering more opportunities for bar takers to receive an array of support services.  

The ASBP team recently onboarded two new employees and expects to add a third on July 1. “With the additional faculty, the team is better equipped to provide support to more than 100 graduates who are preparing to sit for the July 2024 bar exam in Florida and several other jurisdictions,” said Eurilynne Williams, interim director of ASBP and associate instructor. Prospective bar takers are receiving detailed feedback on practice essays and have access to faculty for guidance on time management and study strategies via an extended schedule of virtual and in-person office hours.”  

The team has implemented an enhanced intervention initiative through its R.I.S.E. (Resources for Increasing Success on Exams) program.  Since May, the team has hosted several in-person and virtual sessions, including Intensive Writing Workshops for Florida Bar Exam Essays and Out-of-State Exam MPTs (Multistate Performance Tests). 

The ASBP team has administered two live simulated exams, including one concentrating on essays & MPTs that emphasized writing under timed conditions as required on day one of the bar exam, and the other dedicated to the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE), by highlighting multiple choice questions that make up day two of the bar exam in most jurisdictions. In the coming weeks, two more simulations will be conducted, including a mixed simulation of both essays and multiple-choice questions and a full-day MBE simulation, an experience that most closely resembles the second day of the bar exam. 

Acknowledging the need to take a holistic approach to bar preparation, the team provided meals during the on-site workshops and exams. And the ASBP team brought in the law school’s new Mental Health Counselor to coach bar takers on mindfulness skills and other stress-relieving techniques they can use during the exam. 

“Our goal is to provide our bar takers with as many tools as possible to help them pass the bar exam on the first attempt,” said Cecil Howard, interim dean. “We are committed to supporting our bar takers to success by investing in innovative and proven resources.” 

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