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Legal Connections is a creative partnership between Florida A&M University College of Law (FAMU) and Orange TV.  It airs on Orange TV, FAMU TV 20, and is shown on the FAMU College of Law’s webpage. 

The program provides important legal information and news from credible legal experts. Legal Connections strives to raise awareness of important social, racial, and economic justice issues impacting communities of color.

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Legal Connections Winter 2024:

The Reformatory


  • Host Clarence Reynolds interviews award winning author Tananarive Due about her suspenseful, soul-stirring novel called The Reformatory. The Black horror story is based on true events surrounding the atrocities at the Dozier School for Boys in Marianna, Florida.  The story is based on her great uncle Robert Stephens who was killed by another inmate at the Dozier School for Boys. His body was discovered in a makeshift grave on Boot Hill. 




Legal Connections Winter 2024:

What is a Tort?


  • Host Kimra Major-Morris interviews FAMU Law Professor LeRoy Pernell to find out a deeper understanding of Tort Law. 


Legal Connections Winter 2024:

Alexander Akerman, Jr.'s Desk


  • Host Clarence Reynolds interviews Donor Relations Officer Reginald Mitchell, Sr. about the donation of the Alexander Akerman, Jr. desk to the College of Law. 




Legal Connections Winter 2024:

Community Legal Services


  • Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida has over 100 attorneys, advocates and support staff located throughout 12 counties dedicated to providing free legal aid to low-income families throughout Central Florida. Host Kimra Major-Morris interviews CEO Jeff Harvey. 




Legal Connections Winter 2024:

Amendment 14


  • Professor LeRoy Pernell speaks with Host Kimra Major-Morris about the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution. 


Legal Connections Winter 2024:

Mediation Clinic


  • Host Kimra Major-Morris interviews Instructor Eunice Caussade Garcia about FAMU Law’s Mediation Clinic. 




Legal Connections Winter 2024:

Paul C. Perkins Bar Association


  • Attorney Paul C. Perkins served as co-counsel with Thurgood Marshall and Alexander Akerman, Jr. and defended the "Groveland Four." Learn more about Paul C. Perkins and the Paul C. Perkins Bar Association. Host Clarence Reynolds interviews President of the Paul C. Perkins Bar Association Lisa Harvey. 


Legal Connections Archive

Legal Connections Fall 2023 Show A 


  • Host Kimra Major-Morris, Esq. interviews mother and daughter law students Eyesenia and Maria Reyes.


  • Author Audrey Clarke talks about her first book on mother daughter relationships.


  • Javonni Hampton has a report from FAMU and Reginald Mitchell, Sr. shares a FAMU Law alumni profile.

Legal Connections Fall 2023 Show B 


  • Legal Connections host Kimra Major-Morris, Esq. interviews FAMU Law Clinic Instructor Kim Crag-Chaderton about the importance of pro bono work.


  • Alum Andrew Easler talks about his new book on drug and alcohol testing.


  • Meet student Joi Cardwell who dropped her singing microphone and picked up law books for a legal career.


  • Javonni Hampton has a report from FAMU and more.

Legal Connections Fall 2023 Show C 


  • Legal Connections Host Kimra Major-Morris, Esq. interviews Professor of Law Areto Imoukhuede who shares his research on the right to public education.


  • Student Javiette Grants talks about her experiences in the Mediation Clinic.


  • Catherine Jones shares her experiences of being incarcerated as a child and now living a life of redemption and advocating for juvenile justice.


  • Javonni Hampton has a report from FAMU and Reginald Mitchell, Sr. introduces you to an alumni. 

Legal Connections Summer 2023 Show A 


  • Alum Danielle Hernandez, Esq. talks about the importance of Hispanic representation in the legal field.


  • Demond Meade talks about the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition's nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.


  • Get an update on what the Bail Project is doing to change the system.


  • Judge Kim encourages children to resolve conflicts. Meet the creator of the Judge Kim Books, Shawn Kimbrough.


  • Reginald Mitchell Sr. shares an alumni profile on Henry Harmon, the first Arican American to join the Florida Bar in the 1800's. Find out about Harmon's many accomplishments.


Legal Connections Summer 2023 Show B 


  • Professor of Law Patricia Broussard discusses the CROWN Act and hair discrimination.


  • Meet President-elect of the Central Florida Association for Women Lawyers, Nequosha Anderson, Esq. Did you know the organization is open to law students as well as men? Attorney Anderson provides all the details about CFAWL in this segment.


  • The first African American to be admitted to the Florida Bar in the 1800's was Henry Harmon. Reginald Mitchell, Sr. talks about Harmon's extraordinary accomplishments.


  • Our alumni spotlight features the late attorney, Gwendolyn Cherry. 
  • Javonni Hampton has a field report from the campus of Florida A&M University in Tallahassee.

Legal Connections Summer 2023 Show C 


  • Is it fair to charge juveniles as adults? Professor of Law Leroy Pernell discusses juvenile crime and punishment in this segment.


  • Find out the latest on medical marijuana in Florida.


  • Our alumni spotlight features civil rights lawyer John Dorsey Due, Jr.  Due is one of the original graduates of the Florida A&M College of Law.  He's one of the few remaining of the 57 original graduates. Due currently splits his time in Quincy, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia.


  • Field Reporter Javonni Hampton gives us a closer look at the famous Kinsey Collection.


Legal Connections Winter A 


  • Meet FAMU Law’s Clinic Director and civil rights activist Mark Dorosin who brings decades of legal experience to the Central Florida community. 


  • A new program for Eatonville residents offers heirs property protection. 


  • Student Sam Porter talks about the community service work involved with his role as Mr. FAMU. Porter attends campus events, works with the homeless and supports prison literacy. 


  • Reporter Javonni Hampton provides report from Tallahassee on FAMU Life. 


  • And the Alumni Profile features the incredible Arthenia Joyner. 


Legal Connections Winter B 


  • FAMU Law Dean Deidré Keller and Professor Mark Dorosin discuss the new Economic Justice Clinic and how it is helping minority businesses. 


  • Get tips on estate planning from FAMU Law alum and attorney Karen Skyers. 


  • Meet an immigrant with a fascinating story of coming to America as a child, attending law school and now working in the legal field. This is a powerful success story. 


  • You’ll visit Tallahassee for Reporter Javonni Hampton’s report on FAMU Life. 


  • And the Alumni Profile features the first Black women to pass the Florida Bar-Bernice Gaines. 


Legal Connections Winter C 


  • Professor LeRoy Pernell discusses the 100thanniversary of the Rosewood, Florida massacre. 


  • FAMU Law’s Student Bar Association President Tracy Guervil talks about law school happenings. 


  • Reporter Javonni Hampton’s FAMU Life segment. 


  • FAMU Law’s Alumni Profile featured Judge Perker Meeks. 



Florida A&M University (FAMU) College of Law announces its fall 2022 lineup for Legal Connections.

The program features the following segments:

  • FAMU Law Professor LeRoy Pernell takes a closer look at the controversial George Stinney, Jr. death penalty case. The 14-year-old was wrongly convicted and executed in South Carolina before being exonerated decades later.  
  • William Gary discusses the lives of civil rights workers Harry T. and Harriet V. Moore who were victims of a fatal bombing of their Brevard County home. The Moore’s have a Cultural Center, Museum and Memorial Park that honors them and their contributions to civil rights in Florida. 
  • FAMU Law Professor Jennifer Smith and Dr. Eric Boyd founder of Fairways to Leadership discuss how the golf program helps law students with networking and leadership skills. 
  • FAMU Law student Amari Roberts talks about her LexisNexis Fellowship. Her project involves efforts to eliminate the death penalty in the state of Georgia. 


The program features the following interviews:

  • Donor Relations Officer Reginald Mitchell, Sr. is interviewed by host Kimra Major-Morris about the 20th anniversary celebration.
  • FAMU reporter Javonni Hampton covers the plaque unveiling program for the original 57 law school grads.
  • Third-year student Derrick Gaiter talks to host Kimra Major-Morris about the Justice John Paul Stevens Public Interest Fellowship.
  • Distinguished Professor of International Law and Founder/President of the Stono Institute Dr. Jeremy Levitt talks to host Kimra Major Morris about a journey to West Senegal that greatly impacted the lives of area youngsters who made the journey.


Florida A&M University (FAMU) College of Law announces its summer 2022 lineup for Legal Connections.

The program features the following interviews:
  • Attorney and alum Bruce Mount discusses how to survive police encounters

  • Clinic Director Mark Dorosin provides overview of Legal Clinic

  • Omarosa Manigault-Newman talks about becoming a lawyer

  • President Larry Robinson, Ph.D. and Dean Deidré Keller unveil FAMU Law's Judges Gallery

Florida A&M University (FAMU) announces its winter Legal Connections show lineup.

Host and FAMU Law alum Kimra Major-Morris, Esq. interviews the following guests for the program:

  • FAMU Law Dean Deidré Keller discusses the Emmitt Till case.
  • FAMU Law Professor Mark Dorosin explains how FAMU Law’s Legal Clinic helps the community.
  • Founder & Executive Director of Stand Up Survivor Lisa Alexander talks about the signs of domestic violence and abuse. She also shares her heartfelt experiences as a victim.
  • Executive Director of Florida Rights Restoration Desmond Meade explains prison gerrymandering.
  • FAMU Law Professor Robert Abrams discusses the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act.


Legal Connections Fall 2021

Hosted by Kimra-Major Morris

The following segments are featured: 

  • Urban Farms, Raymond Warthen, Infinite Zion Farms

  • The Plight of Black Farmers, Greg Francis, Attorney

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Higher Education & Racial Justice, Deidré Keller, FAMU Law Dean

  • Closer Look at Your Right to Remain Silent & Due Process, Professor LeRoy Pernell

  • Bring Out The Dolls, Shannon Ligon, Attorney


Legal Connections Special Edition

The Legal Ramifications of the Ocoee Massacre

Host Daralene Jones interviews FAMU Law Dean Deidre Keller and Professor of Law LeRoy Pernell about the Ocoee Massacre of 1920.

Legal Connections

The President’s Corner

Fall 2020

President Larry Robinson discusses COVID-19, FAMU’s testing site, FAMU accomplishments, Bragg Stadium renovations, fundraising and much more.