Message From Student Bar Association President

Fellow Rattlers for Justice,

We made it! No matter how our stories began, all roads have led us to Florida A&M University College of Law. It is no coincidence that we find ourselves here – on the precipice of a year poised to lay the foundation for our best story yet. We are gathered and united by our bond to be better and do better. We are building better for ourselves, in homage to those whose shoulders we proudly stand upon, and the many who will follow the legacy we leave for them.

In its short tenure since reestablishment, the College of Law has ushered through its doors some of the most brilliant legal scholars, innovative legal strategists, and fierce advocates all in the name of a mission to serve as a transformative force for the public good. Be it year one, the middle of the road, or the last hoorah; these very doors swing open to welcome us into this academic year with a laser focus and incomparable determination. Preparing us to one day soon join the ranks of our esteemed alumnus.

As we draft the blueprint of our challenge to be better and do better, it is my privilege and honor to serve as your Student Bar Association President. Each new day we face, will be an opportunity to solidify our foundation, perfect the framework, and show ourselves to be more than meets the eye. When we find our day may not be our best, let us be reminded, “In the darkest moments, when the work doesn’t seem worth it, and the change seems just out of reach: out of our willingness to push through comes a tremendous power…use it.” (Stacey Abrams.)

The Student Bar Association is dedicated to the building of better. We lead the challenge to being better, and offer to be a place of resource and support as you navigate through this academic year. We have assembled the voices of our colleagues to serve in committees designed to engage the whole law student. We endeavor to do better, as your voice on the threshold of effecting positive change. We set out to build an enhanced College of Law experience.

As members of the College of Law FAMUly, I invite you to continue writing your story boldly, on purpose and unapologetically. Use your tremendous power to do better; be better, and we shall meet you with the same!

Beaming with Rattler Pride

Suwana Jean Janvier
Florida A&M University College of Law
Student Bar Association President 2021-2022