Meet The Dean



Meet Associate Provost and Interim Dean Cecil Howard Cecil Howard, J.D., is Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Interim Dean of the College of Law at Florida A&M University. Howard plays a key role in strategic planning, management, and oversight of diverse academic initiatives for the college. He also works closely with the college’s faculty and staff to enhance the overall academic experience for law students. This includes oversight of faculty affairs in teaching, research and service, and the management of targeted bar passage rates and accreditation activities at the academic program and institutional level. His three primary objectives are to enhance bar preparation and curriculum alignment for FAMU College of Law students, ensure aligned and successful accreditation and operational oversight, and implement comprehensive strategies and initiatives to foster a supportive and conducive environment for teaching, research, and administrative excellence. Howard is also the principal of CEH Consulting, a firm that provides recruitment and leadership services to universities, non-profits, and corporations throughout the country. He has served as chief legal counsel for the Florida Commission on Human Relations and as equal opportunity director for the City of Gainesville, Florida. Howard currently serves on several boards including the Board of Directors for Collegiate Bridge, Inc., a nonprofit that aims to increase retention, graduation rates, and economic self-sufficiency of black students. He earned his juris doctorate from the Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University and has a bachelor’s degree in government from Florida State University.