Installing Zoom client on your Desktop

–Download the Zoom client for Mac or PC from Here

–Run the Zoom installer

–Click the “Sign in with SSO” option

–Type “famu” as the company domain

–Enter your FAMU (iRattler/Email) credentials (without

–Click “Open URL:Zoom Launcher” and your client will open

If you are having difficulty, please click to open a ticket with IT

Installing Zoom client on iPhone

Step 1: Go to the app store and search for “zoom”. Download Zoom Cloud Meetings

Step 2: Open the Zoom App and Tap ‘Sign In’

Step 3: Tap the ‘Sign in with SSO’ option and enter ‘famu’ as the company domain

Step 4: Sign in with your iRattler credentials (do not put ‘’)

Step 5: Tap “Open” to go back to the Zoom app

Step 6: Tap allow on the next three questions.

Video Tutorial of Installation for students

Click Here for Video