Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility requirements for applying to FAMU COL?

You are eligible to apply if you have a bachelor’s degree by August 1st of the year you intend to enroll at FAMU College of Law. You must also take the LSAT as a part of your application requirements


Does FAMU College of Law offer any part-time or evening programs?

FAMU College of Law offers a part-time evening program.


Is financial aid available?

FAMU College of Law offers a comprehensive financial aid program that includes institutional grants and federal loan programs to help eligible students meet the expenses associated with attaining a legal education. These funds are awarded and administered by the Office of Financial Aid t the College of Law in conjunction with the University’s Office of Financial Aid.


Does FAMU COL offer concurrent or joint degree programs?

FAMU College of Law does not offer any concurrent or joint degree programs at this time.


How many letters of recommendation should I submit and from whom?

You may submit two letters of recommendation from professional references if you are unable to locate former professors.


Can I submit an addendum or additional written materials along with my application?

Yes. The Admissions Committee believes that candidates should be able to expand upon aspects of their candidacy that are otherwise not represented in the required materials. Some examples include statements of strong interest in FAMU College of Law, explanations of undergraduate and/or LSAT performance, etc. We strongly suggest that applicants use their best judgment, in terms of content and length, when considering the submission of supplemental materials.


Does the Admissions Committee conduct interviews as a part of the admissions process?

While we are unable to interview candidates that submit an application for admission, also please note that we are unable to consider requests for interviews.


For how long is a LSAT score valid?

An LSAT score is considered valid by the Admissions Committee for no longer than five years.


When is the application deadline?

May 31 of every academic year.


Does FAMU College of Law offer application fee waivers?

We have waived our application fee for this cycle.


When will I receive an admissions decision?

As a general matter, applications are evaluated on a rolling basis in the order in which they are completed. Typically, the Admissions Committee begins rendering Regular decisions in late January and continues to release decisions through the end of April. Early Decision candidates are generally notified of their decisions in December.


Does FAMU College of Law offer merit based scholarships or need-based financial aid?

FAMU College of Law offers a number of highly-competitive merit-based scholarships. There is no separate application procedure; scholarships are awarded based on a holistic review of the entirety of your application for admission. Applicants are generally awarded merit-based scholarships at the time of admission.


How many years of study is the JD program?

The full-time JD program is three years and the part-time JD program is four years (including summers).


Where is the law school located?

Our law school is located in the beautiful Downtown Orlando, Florida.


What is your median LSAT score and GPA?

Please click the link below for the most recent information:


Can I reapply after I have been academically dismissed?

If you have been academically dismissed, you must submit a new application in its entirety. This means that all documents you submit must be new.


What does your law school do to help prepare students to take and pass the bar exam?

The BEST Program is a 12-week program available to FAMU students after graduation. Participation is on a voluntary basis; however, alumni are strongly encouraged to participate fully. The BEST Program is free of charge to all FAMU first time bar takes, as well as alumni who have previously attempted, unsuccessfully, to pass the Florida bar exam. The BEST Program complements the commercial bar review program that each student takes by incorporating essay and multiple-choice writing workshops, by providing essay grading and feedback, individualized tracking and exam training, and a structured study plan to assist students in passing the bar exam. Graduates who participate in the BEST Program pass at a higher overall bar passage rate than their equally situated counterparts that chose not to participate in the structured BEST Program. The BEST Program does not replace the need for a commercial bar review course. Participants in the BEST Program must have access to an updated commercial bar review course.


What scholarship opportunities are available?

Can I study abroad during my time at the law school?

The College of Law believes study abroad programs can be valuable additions to the law school educational process. Students get the unique opportunity to study law, live in a foreign country, become exposed first-hand to the legal system of another country, and receive academic credit towards their degree.

There are many exciting study abroad programs available from which to choose. Students interested in any study abroad program should review all policies and procedures before applying. We encourage all interested students to be proactive, thorough and knowledgeable to ensure a successful study abroad experience.


What type of law firms do your typical graduates go to immediately after graduation?

Recent FAMU Law graduates are busy serving their communities at large firms such as Holland & Knight, LLP, Morgan & Morgan, P.A., Greenberg Traurig, LLP, and Cole, Scott & Kissane, P.A.; major businesses such as Lockheed Martin Corporation, Walt Disney World, and Verizon Communications; and governmental agencies such as the Office of the State Attorney, Office of the Public Defender, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Judge Advocate General Corps in the armed forces.


Are you going to review the pool of applications that you currently have and modify admission criteria?

We will not be modifying our admissions criteria. We operate on rolling admissions, therefore we are always reviewing our applicant pool.


If the applications were on hold because of retesting, are you going to use an average or curve system to process these applications?

No. If any applicants are on hold, LSAT is giving them to option to use a previous score.


Is FAMU an Accredited ABA Law School?

Yes, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University College of Law is an accredited American Bar Association law school.


Are weekend class schedule available for the part-time program?

There are no weekend classes available.


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, will classes be online indefinitely?

Classes will remain online for the remainder of the spring semester and the summer. There has been no decision made to host online classes indefinitely.


Has FAMU College of Law considered (based on the fact that most schools are educating students online) possibly having classes begin in the spring for 1L students, rather than strictly every fall?

No, we have not made any decisions to change our entry terms. It remains every fall.


Should classes be online indefinitely because of the pandemic, will cost/tuition increase or decrease?



Is FAMU College of Law accepting the GRE in place of the LSAT?

We are not accepting the GRE.