Past Issues

The Florida A&M University Law Review is pleased to offer our past issues to our readers. We take great pride in the work that our successors put forth to bring you these issues of the Law Review. We are excited to bring you their hard work, and the efforts of our distinguished authors. Thank you for your continued interest in the Florida A&M University Law Review, and we hope you find these past issues helpful. 


Environmental Rights in International Law: Explicitly Recognized or Creatively Interpreted? by Professor Svitlana Kravchenko

Adios to Paradise: The Yacyreta Dam and The Destruction of Environmental and Human Rights by Professor Itzchak Kornfeld

Environmental Justice with Chinese Characteristics: Recent Developments in Using Environmental Public Interest Litigation to Strengthen Access to Environmental Justice by Jingjing Liu

Should We Adopt a Specific Regulation to Protect People That are Displaced by Hydroelectric Projects?: Reflections Based on Brazilian Law and the “Belo Monte” Case by Bibiana Graeff

Biopiracy in the Brazilian Amazon: Learning from International and Comparative Law Successes and Shortcomings to Help Promote Biodiversity Conservation in Brazil by Vanessa Danley

How Sweet It Isn’t: Big Sugar’s Power Politics and the Fate of the Florida Everglades by Katherine Mohr


Student Note

The ACF Water Crisis: A Major Challenge with a Feasible “Volunteer” Solution by Tremaine Reese


Obama and Libya by Benjamin G. Davis

Obama’s Africa Policy on Human Rights, Use of Force and Humanitarian Intervention: In Whose Interest? by Vincent O. Nmehielle


An Elucidating Response to Erroneous Outrage: Why Continued Law of War Detention Under Executive Order 13.567 is Legal by Jenny Liebanow

Uneasy Lies the Hand That Clicks the Mouse: Presidential Power and Wikileaks by Andrew Pekoe

Crime Upon the Sea: Reshaping American Jurisprudence on International Policy by Ta’Ronce Stowes

Vol. 5:2:155  Hurricane Katrina Victims: A Claim in the International Courts? (Henderson)

Vol. 5:2:181  Duty of Care to Spectators at Sporting Events: A Unified Theory (Tavella)

Vol. 5:2:197  Peek-a-Boo I See You: The Constitutional, Defamation Plaintiffs, and Pseudonymous Internet Defendants (Doskow)

Vol. 5:2:219  This Land is Our Land: Indigenous Rights and Rural Development in Darien, Panama (Koller-Armstrong)

Vol. 6:1:1  Decolonization, Development and Denial (Saito)

Vol. 6:1:49  Diversity in the Age of Terror: How Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the U.S. Intelligence Community Enhances National Security (Chin)

Vol. 6:1:89  The International Criminal Court: Challenges and Prospects, Annual Lecture on Human Rights and Global Justice, Center for International Law and Justice (Kuenyehia)

Vol. 6:1:109  Ghana Journey: Private Investment, Public Funding, and Domestic Reform (Griffin)

Vol. 6:1:135  Homosexuality and Death: A Legal Analysis of Uganda’s Proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill (Persad)

Vol. 6:1:163  Stagnant Magnet Schools – An Un-Compelling Use of Race-Conscious Policy (Audilet)