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The Florida A & M University (FAMU) Law Review is a student-run organization at the Florida A & M University College of Law. Our main purpose is to publish a journal of legal scholarship for use by practitioners, judges, professors, and students. FAMU Law Review currently publishes one journal a year. We are functionally independent from the College of Law, with the student editors making all editorial, organizational, and day-to-day operational decisions.


Law Review is dedicated to quality and consistency in its publication. For that reason, we put each article accepted for publication through a rigorous editing process, whereby student editors perform cite checks, review the grammar and diction of a piece, and make those stylistic changes that will enhance an article’s substance and flow. However, we firmly believe that the articles we publish should represent the voice of the authors, and not the voices of the student editors. We believe each author chooses her words delicately and purposefully. We will, therefore, only make stylistic changes when necessary, to make a piece easier to read and understand.

FAMU Law Review strives to serve as an excellent resource for scholarly and practical research, in both daily legal practice and academic writing. We also strive to provide our student editors with the opportunity to advance their legal research, writing, and editing skills. We encourage submissions from students (including those from outside Florida A&M University) as well as from practitioners, judges, and professors

FAMU Law Review’s success depends upon the expertise and hard work of legal scholars. We sincerely hope that you will consider FAMU Law Review for your current and future submissions, and we thank you for your interest in our organization.

Students who are interested in joining FAMU Law Review are invited to do so in one of two ways:

  • Grade-On Process: Students who have completed at least thirty (30) credit hours and are ranked in the top ten percent (10%) of the combined day and evening class, shall receive an invitation to join the Law Review.
  • Write-On Process: Students who have completed at least thirty (30) credit hours and are ranked in the top fifty percent (50%) of the combined day and evening class, are eligible to join Law Review by participation in the Write-On Competition which is advertised by the Editorial Board of the FAMU Law Review each spring.

Duties of Law Review Members:

  • Junior and Senior Editors are responsible for editing the pieces that will be published in our journal at the direction of the Executive Articles Editor.
  • Junior and Senior Editors are expected to offer one hour tutoring sessions each week for the benefit of FAMU Law students at the direction of the Executive Editor.
  •  Junior Editors are expected to author a student note or comment during their first year of Law Review membership with the assistance of the Notes and Comments Editor.
  • Junior and Senior Editors are expected to attend monthly General Body Meetings.

E-mail is our preferred form of communication. To contact by phone, please call our office at (407) 254 3298.



Law Review Editorial Board 2021-2022

Shanice Cameron LR

Shanice Cameron

Ben Kaufman LR .

Benjamin Kaufman
Executive Editor



Valerie Chant David LR

Valerie Chant David
Executive Articles Editor

Sara Jensen Headshot LR

Sara Jensen
Notes & Comments Editor  



Olivia Garcia LR

Olivia Garcia
Business Managing Editor 

Saleem, Omar

Professor Omar Saleem
Faculty Advisor 




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Omar Saleem
Professor of Law