Fellow Students,

It is my privilege to welcome you on behalf of the Student Bar Association (SBA) to the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College of Law. The SBA Executive Board and I wholly appreciate the opportunity to share in your educational experience and high endeavors to help others. I am the president of the SBA for the 2018/2019 school year and I can’t wait to meet you and your families. We are looking forward to a wonderful year of inquiry and learning.

We stand by the FAMU College of Law mission “to serve as a beacon of hope and catalyst for change by providing access to excellent educational training and opportunities to generations of students seeking to serve the needs of traditionally underserved people and communities locally, nationally and internationally.”

As your liaison between the administration, faculty, and student organizations, we promise to help deliver this mission equally to both full-time and part-time students. The SBA’s duty is to ensure that your voice is heard and your interests are met. We encourage you to get involved as well as contribute to our school’s path of academic endeavors, community and public relations, and most importantly bar preparation and passage success. Ultimately together we can be the beacon of hope and source of change to our school’s mission; our communities; our families; and our local, state, and federal governments.

Our historical legacy of rich history and academic legal excellence makes our school the catalyst to graduate effective, and efficient practice-ready lawyers. For more than 130 years Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University has been committed to an environment of opportunities and development to foster real-world solutions to society’s challenges. Today we continue that legacy as a whole as we look to establish new traditions to propel us into the next 130 years.

You can further our mission by joining or volunteering in the SBA or one of our many student organizations. As your SBA president, the initiatives and goals of the SBA are:

·      Bar Preparation and Passage Success

·      Building Community and Public Relations

·      Backing Your Interests and Law School Experiences


While the road ahead will surely be challenging it will be equally fulling and rewarding. You have a privileged and honored opportunity to make a difference at our proud and esteemed College of Law. May our time together be rich and rigorous in preparation for our calling to advance justice and help others as we would like to be helped.

I am honored to take on this privileged journey with you and I look forward to building lifelong relationships for our benefit and the benefit of others. Please feel free to contact me anytime via email at cyrus1.ellison@famu.edu.


Cyrus Ellison



Student Bar Association E-Board

President Cyrus Ellison 



Vice President Ryan Willis 



Treasurer Pinky Shodhan 



Secretary Jelena Mioković 


2L Day Jonathan Monk 



2L Evening Andrew Easler



3L Day Harry Germeus 



3L Evening Cassandra Brown 


4L Evening Eric Dolhon 


Parliamentarian Elizabeth Kirkpatrick 



Attorney General Samuel Herren 


Graduation Chair LaTasha Green-Cobb


Barrister Ball Chair Bettina Tran



ABA Representative Ashley Dozier