1st Week Reading Assignments

Spring 2021

 Below are the first week assignments along with the course instructor.

1st Amendment : Freedom of ExpressionProfessor Patricia Broussard
Advanced Legal ResearchProfessor Yolanda Patrice Jones
Advanced Trial Practice Judge Eric DuBois
Bankruptcy Law Professor Frank Wolff
Business Organizations Professor Joseph K. Grant
Business Organizations Professor Darryll Jones
CDCProfessor Kim Crag-Chaderton
Civil ProcedureProfessor Robert Abrams
Criminal Pretrial ProcedureProfessor LeRoy Pernell
Constitutional LawProfessor Patricia Broussard
Constitutional Law IProfessor Eang Ngov
Constitutional Law IIProfessor Seema Mohapatra
ContractsProfessor Fineman
Corporate Social JusticeProfessor Joseph K. Grant
Criminal LawProfessor Shelly Taylor Page
Current Topics in Employment Discrimination Law Seminar Professor Reaves
Entertainment LawProfessor William Henslee
Environmental Practice WorkshopProfessor Robert Abrams
Ethics & Professionalism SeminarProfessor Nicky Boothe
Florida Constitutional LawProfessor Ann M. Cavazos
Florida PracticeProfessor Nicky Boothe
Human TraffickingProfessor Shelly Taylor Page
International Business TransactionsProfessor Jeffrey M. Brown
International Human RightsProfessor Dr. Jeremy I. Levitt
IntersectionalityProfessor Jennifer Smith
Interviewing, Negotiation and CounselingProfessor Shiv Persaud
Juvenile LawProfessor Jeffrey Deen
LRW II (All Sections)Professors Cato, Harris, Hull, and Walker
National Security LawProfessor John Duncan
Patent LawProfessor Paul Royal
Partnership Tax Professor Darryll K. Jones
Product LiabilityProfessor LeRoy Pernell
PropertyProfessor Eric Hull
Property 1 Professor Reaves
Public Health Law Professor Seema Mohapatra
Real Estate LawProfessor Judd Hedrick
RemediesProfessor Jennifer Smith
RemediesProfessor Valencia N. Poitier
SalesProfessor John Duncan
Sexual Orientation and the LawProfessor Jeffrey M. Brown
Sports LawProfessor William Henslee
Trial PracticeProfessor Reginald Whitehead
Trial Practice Judge Faye L. Allen
Trial PracticeProfessor Anthony Hall