1st Week Reading Assignments

Spring 2020

 Below are the first week assignments along with the course instructor.

Business Organizations, Section 301Professor L. Ponte
Business Organizations, Section 302Professor L. Ponte
Con. Law: First AmendmentProfessor V. Poitier
Contracts I
Professor J. Duncan
Criminal LawProfessor O. Saleem
Criminal Procedure Arrest & Investigation
Professor O. Saleem
Employment Law, Section 301
Professor Cooper
Florida Constitutional LawProfessor C. Campbell
Florida Practice
Professor C. Barr
Juvenile Law
Professor A. Jackson
National Security LawProfessor J. Duncan
Patent Prosecution WorkshopProfessor P. Royal
Torts IIProfessor M. Cooper
Trusts and Fiduciary AdministrationProfessor P. Taite