Study Abroad

The College of Law believes study abroad programs can be valuable additions to the law school educational process.  Students get the unique opportunity to study law, live in a foreign country, become exposed first-hand to the legal system of another country, and receive academic credit towards their degree.

There are many exciting study abroad programs available from which to choose.  Students interested in any study abroad program should review all policies and procedures before applying. We encourage all interested students to be proactive, thorough and knowledgeable to ensure a successful study abroad experience.


Pursuant to the American Bar Association “Criteria for Accepting Credit for Student Study at a Foreign Institution”, the Florida A&M University College of Law publishes this statement defining the educational objectives that the law school seeks to achieve in allowing students to study abroad for credit towards the J.D. degree.

Studying abroad is designed to provide an opportunity for students to be exposed to other legal systems and cultures, given the growing internationalization of law practice in the United States.   Participating in a study abroad program allows students to become more comfortable with other cultures and languages, and gain an understanding of how our view of the law may differ from that of our global neighbors. Students gain skills to represent clients from different cultures and countries and enhance their ability to communicate across cultures. Studying abroad will provide students with a broader legal perspective that will promote their ability to meet the legal needs of a diverse mix of clients