Scholarship Opportunities for Law Students

The following is not a comprehensive list, but a small sampling of scholarship offerings forwarded to the law school.

Scholarships Last Updated:  July 3, 2018

Baumgartner Law Firm Law Student Scholarship

In order to apply, applicant must be enrolled at an accredited law school in (If you have applied to law school and have not yet been accepted, you may apply but the scholarship will only be awarded to someone accepted and enrolled at an accredited Law School at the time of scholarship selection.) This scholarship will be awarded based on need and commitment to helping others.

Scholarship offered by: The Baumgartner Law Firm
August 31, 2018$3,000Get Application
The 2018 Weiss & Paarz Annual National Law Scholarship

We are thrilled to announce the second year of this exciting scholarship opportunity. Scholarships will be awarded each year to the student who demonstrates all of the following qualities and characteristics:

Financial need
Exceptional work ethic
Strength in the face of adversity
Outstanding academic achievement
Commitment to the local community and charitable giving
Ability to lead others
Overall moral character

Scholarship offered by: Weiss & Paarz
September 3, 2018$1,000Get Application
Fall 2018 NW Corporate Law scholarship

2nd or 3rd year law student enrolled in an ABA-approved law school in the United States.

Have an interest in business law or entrepreneurship.

Scholarship offered by: NW Corporate Law, LLC
October 1, 2018$1,000Get Application
BerlikLaw Future Virginia Lawyer Scholarship

One scholarship of $1,500 for any current law student at an accredited law school within the United States is eligible for the Future Virginia Lawyer Scholarship, but preference is given to individuals who (a) are from Virginia, (b) received their undergraduate degrees from a Virginia college or university, and/or (c) attend law school in Virginia.

Scholarship offered by: BerlikLaw, LLC
December 15, 2018$1,500Get Application
The Reeves Law Group Scholarship

To be eligible for our scholarship contest you must be: a legal US resident, and either a current (1) law student at an accredited U.S. law school, or (2) undergraduate student who has applied or will apply to law school. Students with full academic scholarships are not eligible to enter this contest.

Scholarship offered by: The Reeves Law Group
December 15, 2018$3,000
Get Application
GJEL Law Student Scholarship

This is an essay contest on the topic “Reasons I wanted to go to law school”. Submissions will be posted exclusively on website to be publicly viewed.
In order to be eligible for this award, the student must be enrolled in an accredited United States Law School by fall 2018. Students must provide a copy of a valid school-issued ID at time of their submission to prove enrollment.

Scholarship offered by: GJEL Accident Attorneys
December 15, 2018$2,000Get Application