Welcome to the Legal Clinic and Field Placement Program. Our program enhances the classroom curriculum and provides students a range of hands-on, experiential educational opportunities. Every student must complete one or more experiential courses totaling at least six credit hours.  

The experiential education requirement may be satisfied by enrollment in a legal clinic, a field placement, or a simulation course. These options are described in more detail below.  

Certified Legal Intern   

The College of Law strongly recommends that students interested in enrolling in a clinic become a Certified Legal Intern (“CLI”) pursuant to the requirements of Chapter 11, Rules Regulating The Florida Bar (aka “Student Practice Rule,” available here: Students who become certified can (under the supervision of an approved licensed Florida attorney) appear and argue in court, sign legal documents filed with the court, and handle a full range of case advocacy and litigation responsibilities.  

To be eligible to become a CLI, students must first register with the Florida Board of Bar Examiners and receive a “Notice of Registrant Clearance.” Because this process can take a few months, it’s extremely critical that students file their Florida Bar application early, ideally during the first year of law school. There is also a CLI option for students who do not intend to take the Florida Bar. 

CLI applications are submitted directly to the Florida Supreme Court by the Clinic Program, and clinic faculty can provide assistance with the process. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact the Clinic Director.  

We encourage you keep an eye out for FAMU law postings and emails from our office about clinic application deadlines and other important information. To schedule an appointment to discuss clinical programs or field placements, please contact us. 

We look forward to working with you.    



Mark Dorosin
Director, Legal Clinic and Field Placements       




Kim Crag-Chaderton       

Clinic Instructor 



Eunice Caussade
Clinic Instructor        



Pamela Leonard