For Full-Time (Day) Students

Day Students:

Parking is available at the Amelia Street garage (Formerly Centroplex II) located at 355 Alexander Place, Orlando, FL.  Starting this semester (FALL 2021), Amelia St. Garage requires you have a decal, obtained from the IT Department. NO SWIPE CARDS WILL BE ISSUED THIS SEMESTER.

Please note the following important information:

  1. The parking gates at Amelia will be taken down entirely in September 2021. For now, you must take a ticket to enter the garage each day. On the way out, the ticket will be validated if you have a parking decal.
  2. You may also bring the ticket to IT to get a validation stamp in case you don’t have the decal on your car.
  3. Place the Decal in the rear window on either side.
  4. For day students who are also taking evening classes- The part time garage (Hurston) across from the law school is currently FULL, however, I am taking names of students who would like to park here during their evening class. It is not a guarantee, but if space opens, I may be able to add you for parking after 5PM.

For parking issues, please visit IT on the first floor or contact

For Part-Time (Evening) Students

Evening Students:

Parking is available (AFTER 5PM ONLY) at the Zora Nelson Hurston Building Monday(DMS garage) located adjacent to the College of Law at 400 West Robinson Street.

Please note, due to COVID, the garage is short on personnel. As such, they have not completed entering all the incoming students into the access gates. We are told this will be completed on Monday 8/23/2021. If you have any problems entering the garage after this, please contact IT or