Over the past few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on all of us, provoking unprecedented shifts in every aspect of daily life, including legal education. This time also has confirmed the tremendous strength and resilience of the FAMU Law community. We have responded by coming together in truly inspiring ways to fulfill our core educational mission and to continue to have a positive impact on the world. As we prepare for your arrival this Fall, we have pulled together faculty, staff, and administrators to ensure that the coming academic year is robust and rewarding.

In formulating our plans, we have three cardinal principles. We will make the safety and health of all FAMU Law community members the principal basis for our decision-making; we will innovate to maintain a standard of excellence in the fulfillment of our core academic mission; and we will provide information and flexibility to our students, so that you are empowered to make informed choices.

The Law School is developing plans for some in-person instruction in Fall 2020, including in some of our core first year courses. Due to distancing requirements in classrooms and other constraints, our in-person course offerings will not cover the entire curriculum and thus all students will receive some of their instruction remotely. Some classes may well be hybrid, a blend of in-person and remote. We can assure you that any in-person instruction scenario will be consistent with developing density restrictions, social distancing guidelines, personal protective equipment recommendations, and other health and safety protocols.

Consequently, we are making arrangements to enable students to participate remotely in any Fall 2020 FAMU Law course, if they have reasoning to support remote instruction over in-person instruction. To that end, all in-person class meetings for Fall 2020 will also be accessible remotely, in real time. FAMU Law has carefully considered and complied with any and all CDC recommendations, state and local safety laws, rules, and regulations with which schools must comply.

However, we understand that for various health and safety reasons it may not be in everyone’s best interest to attend in-person classes. Those students who should not attend in-person classes should complete the form below to notify the Office of Student Affairs and administration of your intentions and reasoning.

Confidentiality: Student Affairs will take reasonable steps to maintain the privacy of those who complete this form. If the circumstances don’t allow privacy to be maintained, this will be discussed with the person completing this form prior to disclosure; if possible.