With a family full of Rattlers and over 15 years of working experience at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, Tocoa Hampton “bleeds orange and green” into her new appointed position as the Associate Director of Financial Aid at the College of Law. Hampton earned her undergraduate degree in business, MBA, and master’s in organizational leadership and change from the Colorado Technical University.

In her position, she goes above and beyond to ensure that students receive the financial assistance they need to finish law school. Since August 2015, she has been responsible for processing and awarding internal/external scholarships, bar loans, private loans, grad plus loans, and conducting financial aid and literacy workshops. With a passion for student success, on her free time, Hampton volunteers to share financial literacy and other information with the Student Bar Association (SBA), Christian Legal Society (CLS) and newly-admitted undergraduates of the University being hosted by the Greater Orlando Chapter of the FAMU National Alumni Association.