Caroleen Dineen began her legal career as an associate attorney at Gordon Thomas Honeywell in Tacoma, Washington, where she represented clients in litigation, administrative proceedings, and transactions concerning land use, water rights, growth management, natural resources, and real property matters. Professor Dineen later served as Senior Counsel to the State of Washington House of Representatives, where she served advised legislative committees and task forces with jurisdiction over a broad range of issues related to local government law and regulation, land use and development, natural resource industries, environmental law, and water resources. In this role she drafted legislation, counseled legislators, and assisted with negotiations on significant legal and public policy issues, including growth management reform, water rights dispute resolution, water quality certifications, endangered species listing and regulation, pipeline safety, and essential public facilities siting.

Upon relocating to Florida, Professor Dineen began working with clients to resolve environmental, land use, and natural resource issues as an associate attorney with Broad and Cassel in Orlando. She has assisted clients to obtain land use approvals and environmental permits and participated in legislative, rule and policy development at the federal, state, and local levels. Professor Dineen teaches Legal Methods at the College of Law and has taught seminars and lectured on a broad range of legislative, regulatory, environmental, land use, and natural resources topics. Ms. Dineen earned her J.D. and MBA at the University of Washington and a B.A. in English and History from the University of Miami.

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Courses taught by Professor Dineen:

  • Legal Research and Writing I
  • Legal Research and Writing II
  • Legislation