Exam Rescheduling Policy

Students may request the Office of Student Affairs to reschedule exams only in compelling circumstances. No examination may be administered prior to the time set forth in the examination schedule. Once an examination is rescheduled, the date will not be changed again except in extraordinary circumstances.

Delayed Exam Taking: Rescheduling Required in Advance.

The student must submit an Examination Reschedule Request Form to the Director of Student Affairs by the following dates:

  • Fall Semester Examinations: September 30
  • Spring Semester Examinations: February 28
  • Summer Session Examinations: June 15


The Office of Student Affairs will determine which exam(s) to reschedule. The student will not be permitted to choose which examinations are rescheduled or the rescheduled dates and times.

Delayed Taking: Serious Illness, Emergency or Other Compelling Circumstances. All requests for exceptions to the final examination schedule must be made to the Director of Student Affairs BEFORE the examination and will be granted only upon a documented showing of an emergency, serious illness, or a sufficiently compelling circumstance.

***A detailed breakdown and list of the possible circumstances for which an exam can be rescheduled are found on pages 58 and 59 of the Florida A&M University College of Law Student Handbook.***

Final Date for Rescheduled Examinations

Rescheduled examinations must be taken at the earliest possible date, and must be taken no later than one week from the end of the examination period for the semester. No rescheduled exam will be given prior to the scheduled date of the exam.

An email will be sent to the student confirming approval of a rescheduled exam no later than 2 weeks prior to the starts of the final exam period and will include details of the exam reschedule and exam guidelines.

Please complete the form below to initiate the process of rescheduling an exam.