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Boot Camp 2020

New Student Orientation Administrative Video Page

To help you prepare for new student orientation – which will feature mandatory sessions on Monday, August 3, 2020 through Friday, August 7, 2020, and a voluntary session on Saturday, August 8, 2020 – we have prerecorded a series of videos and presentations to highlight some of the administrative information that our departmental leaders would normally share with you on the first day of Foundations.

Please view each of the videos to glean details regarding such hot topics as financial aid and registering for classes. As you watch the videos, be sure to take notes and list any questions or concerns you’ve identified as you will be given an opportunity to ask your questions during the actual Administrative segment on Monday, August 3, 2020.

Important Notice

At the end of each segment, please confirm that you have watched each video, by clicking the Submit Confirmation button.

Security, Parking, Technology, and Staying Connected

Speaker: Shashi Persaud

Title: Executive Director Administrative Services

Student Affairs Overview

Speaker: Gary Harrington

Title: Director of Student Affairs

Understanding the Student Handbook

Speaker: Reginald Green

Title: Associate Dean, Administration

Registrar’s Toolkit

Speaker: Sonja Boles

Title: Registrar

Career Planning and Professional Development

Speaker: Randolph Reliford (and team)

Title: Assistant Dean

Financing Your Law School Education

Speaker: Tocoa Hampton

Title: Associate Director of Financial Aid

Student Financial Services

Faculty Advisors and Academic Planning

Speaker: Donna Rivera-Kalala

Title: Advisor