For DAY Students:

Parking will be available at the Centroplex Il garage located at 355 Alexander Place, Orlando, FL from Wednesday August 1st through Thursday August 2nd at 11:30AM each day. After you receive your permanent parking card from the school, you will use the Centroplex I garage located at 431 Revere Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801. (Click for Map of both Garages)

For Free Parking, please adhere to the following instructions:

  1. Take a ticket to enter the Centroplex Il garage on the first day.
  2. Bring the ticket to Ms. Erica Polite at the Information Technology desk located in the Atrium for validation.
  3. Ms. Polite will provide you with a parking package which will include a white Sonitrol access card for entry into the College of Law and a City of Orlando Centroplex I parking card.
  4. Upon leaving the garage, present your validated ticket and the newly issued Centroplex I card to the attendant.

For EVENING Students:

Parking will be available at the Zora Nelson Hurston Building (DMS garage) located adjacent to the Law School at 400 West Robinson Street (Click for Map)

Evening students must print the following Temporary Pass and place visibly on your dash on the first day of orientation. (This is so the gate attendant can identify you easily) To obtain your permanent parking package, please see Ms. Erica Polite. The garage closes its gates at approximately 5PM. An attendant will be stationed at the garage on the first day of orientation from 4PM to 5:30PM to open the gate for those displaying the temporary permit.