Message From Student Bar Association President

Greetings Rattlers,

First, welcome to all of our incoming 1Ls and welcome back to all 2L, 3L, and 4L students. I am Julien Maynard, your Student Bar President for the 2020-2021 academic year.  I hope you are prepared because this academic year promises to be one unlike any other. Recent changes to our shared social, political, and economic landscapes due to the onset of a global pandemic and more social injustices across the countries has truly made this a defining moment in our history and in our lives.

Many of us chose to attend law school so that we may facilitate change in our communities and fight for the voiceless and oppressed, amongst other motivations. During these unprecedented times, highly skilled and trained advocates are even more of a necessity. Your voice is needed. Although this year may present additional challenges which no other class has ever had to deal with, this is an opportunity that must be seized nonetheless. As an institution, our mission to provide “Excellence with Caring” to our neighbors and those in need still carries.

As you embark, or continue, on your journey to legal fulfilment it is important to know that you belong to a University and FAMUly that will support your strive for success. The faculty, staff, and the Student Bar Administration of Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University College of Law are all committed to ensuring that all students receive access to all of the tools necessary to achieve their quest to become an attorney. Although our circumstances have changed, the passion and fervor with which our institution was founded and built upon still remains alive today, and is undefeated.

In closing, this will truly be an amazing year. With our collective energies combined, there is nothing that is too big or hard to accomplish. Rest assured that the Student Bar Administration is working diligently to ensure that the student experience is not compromised and the customer service is top-notch. While supporting over twenty-three (23) student organizations and over ten Committees, the SBA is currently poised to advocate on your behalf while creating the most memorable year FAMU COL has yet seen. All of our leaders have stepped up to serve the community in various ways and together we will ensure our continued success. On behalf of all members of the Association, we wish you all of the best as you endeavor to become a member of the legal community and rise as leaders who are true Rattlers for Justice!

Respectfully yours,

Julien W. Maynard

2020-21 Student Bar Association | President




2020-21 Student Bar Association

Julien Maynard

Vice President
Bria Calvin

Jennifer Pinto

Kendra Willis

American Bar Association (ABA) Student Division Representative
Kelly Dominguez

4L Class Representative (Evening/Part-Time)
Andrew Easler

3L Class Representatives (Day/Full-Time)
Tyler Miller
Richard Jones

2L Class Representatives (Day/Full-Time)
Suwana Jean Janvier
Youstina Rezkalla

2L Class Representative (Night/Part-time)
A’Lexus D. Garnett

Attorney General
Allison Horton

Rashad Roberts