College of Law Search Committee

Committee Chair

David H. Jackson, Jr. (Associate Provost for Graduate Education and Dean of the School of Graduate Studies & Research)

Committee Members

Sonja Boles-Melvin (Law School Registrar – College of Law)

Patricia Broussard (Faculty – College of Law)

Joseph Grant (Faculty – College of Law)
*Resigned effective January 14, 2020.

Reginald Green (Associate Dean – College of Law)

William Henslee (Faculty – College of Law)

Yolanda Jones (Director of Law Library – College of Law)

Valencia Matthews (Dean – College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities)

Jacqueline Menzel (Librarian – School of Architecture/Faculty Senate Rep.)

Reginald Mitchell, Sr. (Director of Academic Success & Bar Prep – College of Law)

Maritza Reyes (Faculty – College of Law)

Joel Rogers (Student – College of Law/SGA Rep.)

Kenya Washington-Johnson (Faculty – College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities/Faculty Senate Rep.)

Carlos Woody (Alumnus – College of Law)