The 2016 Women's Law Caucus Conference

Womanhood and Lawyerhood: Can you have it all?

Greeting from the President

Sheri L. Fairure

On behalf of the Women’s Law Caucus, it is an honor to invite you to our Women’s Conference held on Saturday March 19, 2016. 

Together, we will explore various narratives of womanhood and lawyerhood while analyzing the question, “Can you have it all?” In addition to invaluable networking opportunities, this exceptional experience will offer information, inspiration, and motivation to matriculate through the legal field. 

Excited about the conference? Awesome! Check out our schedule.  

Dean A. Felecia Epps

Keynote Speaker

Women’s Law Caucus was the first student organization to welcome Dean Angela Felecia Epps to Florida A&M University College of Law.  We are proud to present Dean Epps as our 2016 Women’s Law Conference Keynote Speaker.  Join us for this historic moment as she examines the dichotomy of Womenhood and Lawyerhood!