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Professor Olavarria published an article, MACRA and Stark: Strange Bedfellows at the Heart of Health Care Reform

Professor Olavarria published an article, MACRA and Stark: Strange Bedfellows at the Heart of Health Care Reform, 62 Wayne L. Rev. 131 (2017). The article discusses the inherent misalignment between the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) and the Ethics in Patient Referrals Act (Stark). It provides an overview of the original intent behind both laws and discusses the provisions of Stark that are in direct contravention of MACRA. Specifically, it advocates that the provisions of Stark that regulate physician compensation are an impediment to health care reform and unnecessary in light of the modern-day, more robust Anti-Kickback Statute. The article contributes to the ongoing debate on how to best reconcile MACRA and Stark to achieve the goals of health care reform. 

The article is available in the link below:


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