Juris Doctor Persaud Post

Sabrina Persaud

Tampa, Florida
B.A., University of South Florida

During her time in law school, Sabrina was on the Law Review, serving as Articles Editor, and assisted in the production of three scholarly journals. She achieved the Dean’s List twice as a law student.

Sabrina was a Fellow for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Environmental Cooperative Science Center (NOAA ECSC), in which she received a grant to perform various research tasks regarding environmental law and give presentations. Through this fellowship, she also had the opportunity to intern at the NOAA Office of General Counsel in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she performed extensive case research for the attorneys.

Sabrina’s article titled ìEyes on Bangladesh’s Disappearing Coasts: Proposed Constitutional Protections for Coastal Communities Particularly Vulnerable to Climate Change, was recently published in the Journal of Sustainable Development Law and Policy. Her most recent article titled, “Losing Our ‘CITES’ on the ‘Traffic”: How Taxing Ivory Trafficking Can Save the African Elephant from its Bloody Extinction, has been accepted for publication in the Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy.

A musician, fitness enthusiast and novice photographer – Sabrina engaged in passions outside of the classroom to balance the experience of pursuing her law degree. “Law school is stressful, and you should have activities that you enjoy doing outside of law school to help alleviate some of those stresses,” she said. She ranked in the top 5% of her graduating class from Paul R. Wharton High School in Tampa, Florida, and finished her undergraduate degree in three years.

A particular area of the law Sabrina would like to specialize:
Perhaps international human rights. Human rights violations, such as human trafficking or deprivation of women’s rights, occur across the world every single day, and if I can play a role in reducing those violations or instances of illegal conduct, then I would feel like I’m doing my duty to the world.
Why Sabrina chose to attend the FAMU College of Law:
I chose to attend the FAMU College of Law because it was close to home and it was a public institution. It’s also a law school on the rise. I had applied to a number of schools, most of which were private institutions, and because of costs, it was unaffordable. FAMU offers the most reasonable tuition in the state, perhaps even the country, and I do not feel like the education I received is any less than graduates from [other state law schools].
What sparked Sabrina’s interest in the law:
Growing up in somewhat of a traditional Indian home, our options were to become a doctor, lawyer, engineer, or business person, so throughout high school I was on a pre-med track; however, I found it to be boring and I did not want to do calculus. During my senior year of high school, I took a forensic science class and it was very interesting to me, so I majored in criminology in undergrad. And during undergrad, I took some law classes and became interested in criminal defense work, so I applied to law school. My opinion on criminal defense work has changed since coming to law school though, but fortunately, there are other areas of the law that I can work in.
Advice Sabrina would give to a future FAMU Law student:
My advice for a future College of Law student would be to always be prepared. If you are prepared for class, you have nothing to worry about, and studying for finals becomes easier. In the real world, as a lawyer, you will be a much better advocate for your client if you are prepared.