Jennell Loper

Studying abroad might not be for everyone, but Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) College of Law third year student Jennell Loper understands practically and pedagogically the value of the experience.

Loper said studying abroad helped her gain international law experience as a law student before full-time work obligations make travel more complicated.

By virtue of FAMU College of Law’s partnership with another Florida law school, Loper participated in an eight-week summer program. The program included coursework in global entrepreneurship and comparative constitutional law and provided students with experiences in Greece, Italy and London. FAMU students often study and work abroad, as evidenced by the Center for Global Security and International Affairs at main campus and the law school’s Center for International Law and Justice.

Loper demonstrates FAMU’s dedication to globalism and is part of the FAMU “All Stars” Bridge Program, which recruits and transitions top-tier main campus Rattlers into FAMU’s Law school.

A Floridian, Loper said her law school study abroad experience highlighted differences between international governments and showed students how to obtain prominent positions through education. Although European and Mediterranean travel is not new to Loper, experiencing these countries with other Americans, who happened to be first-timers, helped her view the experience with fresh eyes.

Loper said the interaction with international people highlighted cultural differences between America’s fast-paced practices and a domestic desire to constantly be somewhere, as in a destination, and a more laidback and appreciative Mediterranean culture, which emphasizes valuing the journey to the destination.

Loper graduated in May and aspires for overseas employment, and, when it comes to studying abroad, encourages other students to, “jump on the opportunity as soon as they can.”

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