College of Law Third-Year Student Publishes Animal Law Articles through Research Grant

College of Law Third-Year Student Publishes Animal Law Articles through Research Grant

Third-year Florida A&M University (FAMU) College of Law student Alexandra Kleinfeldt was one of five students (nationally) accepted for the Animal Legal Defense Fund summer research grant through the Michigan State University Animal Legal & Historical Center, and published several articles based on her topic of animal euthanasia.

Kleinfeldt, who was born in Essen, Germany, attended Ruhr University Bochum in Germany, and Hodges University in Fort Myers.  She received a B.S. degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and followed a childhood passion to pursue law.

“I was always committed to advocating for others when I felt they were treated incorrectly,” Kleinfeldt said.  “Seeing someone struggle or needing help always evoked a protective instinct in me and going to law school will provide me with the tools, understanding, and knowledge I need to make a difference in other people’s lives.”

Aside from helping people, Kleinfeldt made the selfless decision to help the helpless by joining the FAMU Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF).  A student chapter affiliated with the Animal Legal Defense Fund, the group shares the mission to protect the lives and advance the interest of animals through the legal system.  Her participation in the group provided an avenue to pursue the grant.

“As a member of SALDF I receive e-mails about events regarding animals, and when we received the e-mail about the research project, it caught my eye,” Kleinfeldt recalled.  “Being able to make one’s voice heard through such a platform is powerful when you are one of the few selected.

The Animal Law and Historical Center is a project of the Michigan State University College of Law that first opened in August of 2002.  According to the website, the goals of this Center are to provide a Web Library of legal and policy materials as it relates to animals; provide expert explanation of the materials for both the lawyer and the non-lawyer, and; to provide an historical perspective about social and legal attitudes toward animals.

The grant was awarded for the summer 2017 semester, and Kleinfeldt’s topic was selected by one of the professors who oversees the project.  She completed three articles in connection to the grant:

  • Brief Summary of Animal Euthanasia


  • Overview of Animal Euthanasia


  • Detailed Discussion of Animal Euthanasia