College of Law Associate Professor Deleso Alford Discusses Women and U.S.Enslavement during Book Signing Events

Orlando, Fla. – Deleso Alford, Associate Professor of Law at Florida A&M University (FAMU) College of Law, discussed the marginalized narrative of Black women and the development of gynecology in the United States during recent book signing events at the FAMU College of Law sponsored by The American Bar Association [ABA] and Black Law Students Association [FAMU Chapter] and The Hope Church of Orlando.

Alford is the Senior Editor of a collection of essays with Editor in Chief, Daina Ramey Berry, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History at the University of Texas, Austin, for a book entitled, Enslaved Women in America: An Encyclopedia (Greenwood Press/ABC-CLIO, 2012), which received the 2013 RUSA Award for Outstanding Reference Source. Additionally, Professor Alford is a contributing Author for an encyclopedia entry entitled, Medical Experimentation and Surgery , wherein she critically examines the under-discussed narrative of Anarcha, Betsey and Lucy, three Black women, amongst others who were forced by the laws of enslavement to lay at the intersection of gender, race and class in pursuit of reproductive knowledge, technological advancement and the development of U.S. gynecology, as a medical specialty.

The flyer for the book outlines:

“Slavery in the history of the United States continues to loom large in our national consciousness, and the role of women in this dark chapter of the American past is largely under-examined. This is the first encyclopedia to focus on the daily experiences and roles of female slaves in the United States, from colonial times to official abolition provided by the 13th amendment to the Constitution in 1865.”

“Enslaved Women in America: An Encyclopedia contains 100 entries written by a range of experts and covering all aspects of daily life. Topics include culture, family, health, labor, resistance, and violence. Arranged alphabetically by entry, this unique look at history features life histories of lesser-known African American women, including Harriet Robinson Scott, the wife of Dred Scott, as well as more notable figures.”

Professor Alford has taught courses at the College of Law in Critical Race Theory, Bioethics and the Law, Race and the Law and Torts. She has published numerous articles in publications such as Annals of Health Law,St. John’s University Journal of Civil Rights and Economic Development, Albany Law Review, Hamline Journal of Public Law & Policy, and The Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law. Her latest article publication entitled Institutional Responsibility and Culturally Competent Legal Education: Exploring the Forgotten Women of the U.S. Public Health Service Syphilis Study at Tuskegee, is forthcoming in the Iowa J. Gender, Race & Justice ___ (2013).