Ben Garcia

Cultural enrichment and professional edification. Those are the two biggest takeaways from Ben Garcia’s experience studying abroad in the Cayman Islands.

Garcia, a third year Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University College of Law student, is a double Rattler who earned his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from main campus in Tallahassee prior to enrolling at the College of Law in Orlando.

Garcia spent last winter break learning in the Caribbean where he studied asset protection and climate change law at Truman Bodden Law School in the Cayman Islands.

Participants in the Cayman Islands program not only had traditional course readings and class discussion, but they were also introduced to several international lawyers who operate a lucrative firm with multiple international locations. Garcia said that seeing how law school and firms operate in the Cayman Islands was invaluable.

“People can really build empires,” he said.

Garcia shared that the Cayman Islands added diversity to his life, which will help him relate to clients from various backgrounds. On a more personal and pluralistic level, Garcia is connected to the Caribbean, as he is of Puerto Rican and African American ancestry.

Since Day 1, Garcia set his sights on upholding FAMU’s motto “Excellence with Caring” through providing educational opportunities to disenfranchised groups. He plans to use the motto as a basis for his practice after he becomes an attorney.

“I plan on opening my own law firm in the near future,” Garcia said. “And I plan on starting a nonprofit organization for at-risk youth who can’t afford to pay for school.”

He currently works as a law clerk at Crews and Pesquera, P.A., in Orlando.

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