Campus Life

Student Organizations


American Association for Justice (AAJ) (149C)
Advisor: Professor John Paul Jones
American Association for Justice is the world's largest trial bar. ATLA mission is to promote justice and fairness for injured persons, safeguards victims' rightsparticularly the right to trial by jury. ATLA also strives to strengthen the civil justice system through education and disclosure of information critical to public health and safety.

Black Law Students Association (BLSA) (149F)
Advisor: Professor Jennifer Smith
The Black Law Students Association mission is to articulate and promote the educational, professional, political, and social needs and goals of Black law students; foster and encourage professional competence; improve the relationship between Black law students, Black attorneys, and the American legal structure; instill in the Black attorney and law student a greater awareness and commitment to the needs of the Black community; influence the legal community by bringing about meaningful legal and political change that addresses the needs and concerns of the Black community; adopt and implement policies of economic independence; encourage Black law students to pursue careers in the judiciary; and do all things necessary and appropriate to accomplish these purposes.

Christian Legal Society (CLS) (149D)
Advisor: Professor Joan Bullock
The Christian Legal Society is a non-denominational student organization that focuses on providing fellowship among believers, increasing an understanding of the relationship between faith and law, and the communication of the Gospel to the world at large.

Entertainment Art and Sports Law Society (EASLS) (149F)
Advisor: Professor William Henslee
The Entertainment Art and Sports Law Society promotes and support interest in the current issues affecting entertainment and sports law.

Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies (FS) (149H)
The Federalist Society is a non-partisan conservative/libertarian organization dedicated to fostering balanced and open debate about the fundamental principles of freedom, federalism, and judicial restraint. The Federalist Society seeks to educate the legal community about how limited constitutional government based on the rule of law can have a positive effect on law and public policy.

Hispanic American Law Students Association (HALSA) (149D)
Advisor: Professor Maritza Reyes
The Hispanic American Law Students Association’s mission is to help its members to excel academically, to network with other Hispanic law students and lawyers, and to network with the legal community at large.

Phi Alpha Delta (PAD) (149E)
Advisor: Professor Jonathan Fineman
Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International is a professional service organization composed of pre-law students, law students, legal educators, attorneys, judges, and government officials. PAD was founded in 1902 for the purpose of promoting professional competency and achievement within the legal profession. It is also the first law fraternity to admit women.

Women’s Law Caucus (WLC) (149E)
Advisors: Professor Barbara Bernier and Professor Phyllis Smith
Women’s Law Caucus mission is to advance the rights and improve the position of women and all person in society by furthering legal, civil and human rights.