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The Florida A&M University Law Review is pleased to offer our past issues to our readers. We take great pride in the work that our successors put forth to bring you these issues of the Law Review. We are excited to bring you their hard work, and the efforts of our distinguished authors. Thank you for your continued interest in the Florida A&M University Law Review, and we hope you find these past issues helpful. 


 Florida A&M University LAW REVIEW Past Issue


  • Vol. 6-2 & 7-1 2011

    Vol. 6-2 & 7-1 2011 will be released soon...

  • Vol. 5-2 & 6-1 2010

    Vol. 5:2:155  Hurricane Katrina Victims: A Claim in the International Courts? (Henderson)

    Vol. 5:2:181  Duty of Care to Spectators at Sporting Events: A Unified Theory (Tavella)

    Vol. 5:2:197  Peek-a-Boo I See You: The Constitutional, Defamation Plaintiffs, and Pseudonymous Internet Defendants (Doskow)

    Vol. 5:2:219  This Land is Our Land: Indigenous Rights and Rural Development in Darien, Panama (Koller-Armstrong)

    Vol. 6:1:1  Decolonization, Development and Denial (Saito)

    Vol. 6:1:49  Diversity in the Age of Terror: How Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the U.S. Intelligence Community Enhances National Security (Chin)

    Vol. 6:1:89  The International Criminal Court: Challenges and Prospects, Annual Lecture on Human Rights and Global Justice, Center for International Law and Justice (Kuenyehia)

    Vol. 6:1:109  Ghana Journey: Private Investment, Public Funding, and Domestic Reform (Griffin)

    Vol. 6:1:135  Homosexuality and Death: A Legal Analysis of Uganda’s Proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill (Persad)

    Vol. 6:1:163  Stagnant Magnet Schools - An Un-Compelling Use of Race-Conscious Policy (Audilet)

  • Vol. 4-2 & 5-1 2009

    Vol. 4:1:1  Big-Box Bullies Bust Benign Buyer Behavior: Wal-Mart, Get Your Hands Off My Receipt (Salzmann)

    Vol. 4:1:43  The Government Contractor Defense and Superior Orders in International Human Rights Law (Fraley)

    Vol. 4:1:73  Mending the Hold in Florida: Getting a Bigger Grip on an Old Insurance Doctrine (Laurato)

    Vol. 4:1:91  Irreconcilable Differences: Resolving Conflicts in Florida’s Eyewitness Identification Jurisprudence (Smith)

    Vol. 4:1:113  A Federal Perspective: The Second Amendment as a Fundamental Aspect of Liberty (Parrilla)

    Vol. 5:1:1  The Racial Wealth Divide Through the Eyes of the Younger Family: Undoing America’s Legacy of Wealth Inequality in Search of the Elusive American Dream Utilizing a Sankofa Model of Transitional Justice (Thomas)

    Vol. 5:1:61  Why Negotiating IDEIA Placements Is Bad for Children (Hutchinson)

    Vol. 5:1:87  A Supreme Paradox: Autism Spectrum Disorder and Rowley Misapplication of a Judicial Relic to an Unprecedented Social Epidemic (Hinson)

    Vol. 5:1:107  Money Under the Bridge: The Worker Misclassification Problem (Goldstein)

    Vol. 5:1:131  Sovereignty for Profits: Courts’ Expansion of Sovereign Immunity to Tribe-Owned Businesses (Kosseff)


  • Vol. 3-1 2008

    Vol. 3:1:1 Where Are Your Papers? Photo Identification as a Prerequisite to Voting (Kasper)

    Vol. 3:1:41 "Pick"ering the Speech Rights of Public School Teachers: Arguing for a Movement by Courts Toward the Hazelwood-Tinker Standard Under the First Amendment (Bennett)

    Vol. 3:1:67 The Extraterritorial Reach of the Great Writ at Common Law: The Constitution Guarantees the Guantanamo Bay Detainees a Right to Habeas Corpus (Kurland)

    Vol. 3:1:99 The CIA's Public Operational Files: Accessing File Exempt From The CIA Information Act of 1984 Because of Investigations into Illegal or Improper Activity (Bergman)

    Vol. 3:2:21 Privacy, Authenticity & Equality: The Moral and Legal Case For The Right to Homosexual Marriage (Johnson)

  • Vol. 2-1 2007

    Vol. 2:1:1 In Defense of the Roosevelt Court (Huhn)

    Vol. 2:1:91 The Foundations of § 1983 Jurisprudence: A Look From The Concept of Law (Oppelt)

    Vol. 2:1:131 Immunity From The Focused Attention of Others: A Conceptual and Normative Model of Personal and Legal Privacy (Johnson)

    Vol. 2:1:185 Take Your Seats: A Student’s Ability to Protest Immigration Reform at Odds With State Truancy and Compulsory Education Laws (Scronic)

    Vol. 2:1:207 Domestic Violence Against Women with Disabilities: A Feminist Legal Theory Analysis (Jones)

    Vol. 2:1:235 Reasonably Accommodating the Able Employee Who Is Disabled By Misperception: The ADA’s “Regarded As” Prong Gone Awry? (Shelton)

  • Vol. 1-1 2006

    Vol. 1:1:1 The Celotex Trilogy Revisited: How Misapplication of the Federal Summary Judgment Standard is Undermining the Seventh Amendment Right to a Jury Trial (Simmons, Jacobs, O’Malley, Tami)

    Vol. 1:1:15 Incrementalism, Ideology and Social Choice: Should the United States Ratify the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child? (Ferguson III)

    Vol. 1:1:73 Equal Protection - Florida's Disenfranchisement Law .   (Joyner)

    Vol. 1:1:91 What Would Make Atticus Finch Flinch? (Westley)

    Vol. 1:1:105 Reflections on Bush v. Gore: The Role of the United States Supreme Court (Boies)

    Vol. 1:1:117 The Paranormal, Daubert, Dictionary Court, and a Futuristic Courtroom Drama (Baker)