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I'm New to Law School  ... What Do I Need to Know ?

Law school can be a shock.  Here are some books to help you make sense of it all.  All books are located on the 4th floor of the Law Library.


Understanding Legal Thought

You're in a new environment with new rules.  Take some time to learn about them before you're expected to know them!

Calleros, Charles. Legal Method and Writing. KF 250.C345 2002

Introduction to legal system, understanding legal analysis, how to brief cases.  Contains sample documents.

Clary, Bradley G. and Pamela Lysaght. Successful Legal Analysis and Writing. KF 250.C53 2006

Identifying legal rules from cases and statutes.  Contains document templates.

Edwards, Linda H. Legal Writing and Analysis. KF 250.E 378 2007

Overview of legal system, how to brief cases and interpret statutes, forms of writing and argument.

Reinhart, Susan M. Strategies for Legal Case Reading and Vocabulary Development.  KF 280.R45 2007

Case reading and briefing, basic legal terminology.

Schwartz, Michael Hunter.  Expert Learning for Law Students.  KF 283.S39 2005

A method of studying based on individual learning styles.


Basic Legal Writing

Writing isn't limited to Legal Methods; it's the one constant in all your law school classes.  Use these resources to learn how to succeed in your first year and beyond.

Dernbach, John C., et al. A Practical Guide to Legal Writing and Legal Method. KF 250.P72 2007

Overview of legal system, understanding legal rules and analysis, elements of legal writing, elements of specific legal documents.  Includes sample documents.

 Neumann, Richard K.  Legal Reasoning and Legal Writing.  KF 250.N48 2001

Introduction to legal writing, legal writing principles, how to write specific documents.  Includes sample documents.

 Noyes, Shana Connell and Henry S.  Acing Your First Year of Law School.  KF 283.N69 1999

Writing case briefs, class outlines, and final exams.

 Ray, Mary Barnard.  Basics of Legal Writing.  KF 250.R375 2006

Introduction to legal writing and case reading.

 Schultz, N.  Legal Writing and Other Lawyering Skills.  KF 250.S38 2004

Introduction to legal system, case briefing, research, writing, and analysis.  Contains sample documents.  Good all-around first year companion.


Survival Manuals

Law school isn't only coursework.  These books will help you navigate the social and emotional aspects of your law school career.

Gader-Shafran, Rachel.  The International Students' Survival Guide to Law School in the United States.  KF 283.G33 2003

Good, R. Stephanie.  Law School 101.  KF 283.G66 2004

Horowitz, Jeremy B.  Law School Insider.  KF 283.H69 2002

Miller, Robert H.  Law School Confidential: A Complete Guide to the Law School Experience.  KF 283.M55 2004


Writing Exams

The end of the first semester comes sooner than you think!

Calleros, Charles.  Law School Exams: Preparing and Writing to Win.  KF 283.C35 2007

Miller, Wentworth.  The Legal Essay Exam Writing Primer.  KF 283.M56 1993


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