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Student Bar Association President’s Welcome

Student Bar Association President

I have received the honor of being elected FAMU College of Law's first woman Student Bar Association ("SBA") President. I am honored by this opportunity. I do not look at my position for privilege; instead, the privilege is in the responsibility of representing each and every one of you. My campaign platform was Thriving Relentlessly Advocating for the College of Law (T.R.A.C.). In my service to you I will relentlessly advocate for the College of Law. FAMU College of Law is a brand. I am committed to representing you and our brand zealously.

The SBA has a great board; that is here to work with and for you. We represent student interests to the administration and faculty. We will apprise the student body of issues and developments concerning our school. Our goals include creating opportunities for students to come together in academic, community, and social settings.

The SBA is the governing body at the College of Law. By virtue of the SBA Constitution, every matriculated student is a member of the Student Bar Association. However, mere membership is not enough. In addition to your studies, urge you to get involved in our committees like the Peer Tutoring, Public Relations, Community Service, Curriculum Development, or generally participating in shaping of your legal education and achieve goals that benefit the entire student body.

I encourage you to get involved, be informed, and own the brand of FAMU College of Law. I along with the rest of the board look forward to serving all of you this year. Please add us on TWEN to stay connected. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time with questions or concerns. Welcome to the FAMULY.


Tierrel M. Mathis
Student Bar Association, President

 2013 - 2014 Executive Board
Phone # 407-254-4047
Fax # 407-254-3295



Tierrel Mathis 

Vice President
Sergio Ruiz
Lauren Schroeder
Executive Secretary   
Jaquelyn Kelley    
4L Evening Rep 
Cathryn Goble     

ABA Representative
Te'Reisha Graves     

3L Representative
Elicia Day
3L Evening Rep
Kristine Tucker
3L Representativee
2L Representative
Alex Couch
2L Day Representative
Tanya White
2L Eve Representative
Greg Fries
1L Representative
Jamie Rollins
1L Day Representative
Donald Powell
1L Representative
Brandon Law

1L Eve Representativee
Michae'el Rolle