Current Students

First Week Reading Assignments Spring 2014


 Below are the first week assignments along with the course instuctor


        Course          Instructor
Administration Law Professor John duncan
Adv. Torts: Dignitary and Economic Harms Professor Markita Cooper
Animal Law Professor Randall Abate
Business Organizations (Syllabus) Professor Antoinette Plogstedt
Civil Procedure Professor John-Paul Jones
Civil Procedure II Professor Robert Abrams
Civil Procedure II Professor Jennifer Smith
Constitutional Law I Assoc. Prof. Patricia Broussard
Constitutional Law I Professor Joseph Hurt
Constitutional Law II Professor David Lacy
Constitutional Law 1st Amendment Assoc. Prof. Patricia Broussard
Contracts II Professor John Duncan
Contracts II Professor Lucille Ponte
Criminal Law Professor Shiv Persaud
Criminal Procedure Survey Professor Leroy Pernell
Critical Race Theory Seminar Assoc. Prof. Deleso Alford
Cyber Law Professor Lucille Ponte
Education Law Professor Tshaka Randall
ICN Summer First Week Assignment Professor Tshaka Randall
Employment Law Professor David Lacy
Estate and Gift Tax Professor Phyllis Taite
Estates and Trusts Professor Phyllis Taite
Family Law Assoc. Prof. Nisé Nekheba
Federal Courts Professor Joseph Hurt
Florida Bar Law and Skills Sec. 301 Professor Carlos Woody
Florida Bar Law and Skills Sec. 302 Professor Carlos Woody
Florida Constitutional Law Professor Ann Marie Cavazos
Florida Practice Professor Shiv Persaud
Florida Practice Professor Jennifer Smith
Immigration Law Assoc. Prof. Maritza Reyes
Law and Film Seminar Assoc. Prof. Rhoda Pierre Cato
Latinos and the Law Seminar Assoc. Prof Maritza Reyes
Mediation Theory and Practice Professor John-Paul Jones
Ocean and Coastal Law Seminar Professor Randall Abate
Property II Assoc. Prof. Nisé Nekheba
Property II Professor Tshaka Randall
Prosecution Clinic (Syllabus) Professor Willie May
Public International Law Professor Randall Abate
Sales Assoc. Prof. Rhoda Pierre Cato
Torts II Assoc. Prof. Nicola Boothe-Perry
Torts II Assoc. Prof. Deleso Alford
Torts II Professor Markita Cooper
Water Law Professor Robert Abrams