FAMU Law Phone Directory

Last Name First Name Department Email Address Phone / Ext
Abate Randall S. Dean's Office randall.abate@famu.edu 3201
Abrams Robert Faculty robert.abrams@famu.edu 4001
Adams Cynthia Fiscal Assistant cynthia.adams@famu.edu 3218
Alford Deleso Faculty deleso.alford@famu.edu 3294
Allen Phyllis Law Library phyllis.allen@famu.edu 3258
Anderson Lorelle Law Library lorelle.anderson@famu.edu 3288
Barrette Linda Law Library linda.barrette@famu.edu 4023
Baskerville-Johnson Gloria Dean's Office Support gloria.baskervillejo@famu.edu 4010
Beale Claudine Advancement and Alumni Affairs claudine.beale@famu.edu 3266
Boles-Melvin Sonja Registrar sonja.boles@famu.edu 3238
Bookstore FAMU Law Auxiliary Services 4028
Boothe-Perry Nicola Dedicated Skills Faculty nicola.boothe-perry@famu.edu 3229
Broussard Patricia Faculty patricia.broussard@famu.edu 3293
Brown Jeffrey Faculty jeffrey.brown@famu.edu 3223
Bullion John Law Library john.bullion@famu.edu 3281
Bullock Joan Faculty joan.bullock@famu.edu 3241
Cato Rhoda Pierre Faculty rhoda.cato@famu.edu 3224
Caussade Eunice Dedicated Skills Faculty eunice.caussade@famu.edu 3285
Cavazos Ann M. Faculty / Legal Clinic ann.cavazos@famu.edu 4007
Circulation Desk Law Library 3263
Clark Chontay Registrar chontay.clark@famu.edu 3287
Collins Evett Faculty Support evett.collins@famu.edu 3264
Conference Room Facilities 3237
Cooper Markita Faculty markita.cooper@famu.edu 3272
Cunningham Sharron Law Library sharron.cunningham@famu.edu 3291
Dineen Caroleen Legal Writing caroleen.dineen@famu.edu 3269
Duncan John Faculty john.duncan@famu.edu 3242
Dusinberre Elizabeth Career Planning & Placement elizabeth.dusinberre@famu.edu 4048
EMERGENCY Use Only Atrium Security 4021
Epps A. Felecia Faculty felecia.epps@famu.edu 3215
Faculty Conference Room Facilities 3237
Fells Orenn Admissions orenn.fells@famu.edu 2474
Fineman Jonathan Faculty johnathan.fineman@famu.edu 3274
Garcia Roxana Campus Concierge roxana.garcia@famu.edu 4040
Garcia-Alcala Maria Information Technology maria.garcia-alcala@famu.edu 2469
Graham Mildred Advancement and Alumni Affairs mildred.graham@famu.edu 3206
Grant Joseph Faculty joseph.grant@famu.edu 3244
Green Reginald M. Administration reginald.green@famu.edu 2467
Griffin Ronald Faculty ronald.griffin@famu.edu 3260
Gumbs Kimberly Faculty Support kimberly.gumbs@famu.edu 3297
Hammond Penny Dean's Office Support penny.hammond@famu.edu 4024
Harvey Cori Faculty cori.harvey@famu.edu 3254
Harrington Gary Student Affairs gary.harrington@famu.edu 3280
Hayslip Gwen Advancement and Alumni Affairs gwen.hayslip@famu.edu 3210
Henslee William Legal Writing william.henslee@famu.edu 3220
Hill L. Erika Admissions erika.hill@famu.edu 3208
Hogans Tocoa Financial Aid tocoa.hogans@famu.edu 3232
Holmes Robin Advancement and Alumni Affairs robin.holmes@famu.edu 3290
Holmes Deborah Student Affairs deborah.holmes@famu.edu 4035
Howard Brian Information Technology brian.howard@famu.edu 4039
Hurt Joseph Faculty joseph.hurt@famu.edu 2466
Jackson Alicia Dean's Office alicia.jackson@famu.edu 3233
Jones Ashanti Admissions ashanti2.jones@famu.edu 4037
Jones Darryll Faculty darryll.jones@famu.edu 4043
Jones John Paul Faculty johnpaul.jones@famu.edu 3235
Jones Margot Admissions margot.jones@famu.edu 3286
Jones Yolanda Law Library yolanda.jones@famu.edu 3231
Howard Brian Information Technology brian.howard@famu.edu 4039
Langston Lundy Faculty lundy.langston@famu.edu 3246
Legros Armando Security armando.legros@famu.edu 4040
Leonard Pamela Dean's Office Support pamela.leonard@famu.edu 3204
McLaughlin Paul Law Library paul.mclaughlin@famu.edu 3262
Minarcin Robert Legal Clinic robert.minarcin@famu.edu 3227
Mitchell Reginald Academic Success and Bar reginald.mitchellsr@famu.edu 4009
Moore Thomas Information Technology thomas.moore@famu.edu 4012
Muniz Elsa Law Library elsa.muniz@famu.edu 3271
Nazary Ross Lori Legal Writing lori.ross@famu.edu 2499
Nekheba Nise Faculty nise.nekheba@famu.edu 4046
Office Adjunct Facilities
Olavarria Rebecca Legal Writing rebecca.olavarria@famu.edu 4015
Martinez-Burgos Luis Law Library luis.martinez-burgos@famu.edu 3259
Pernell LeRoy Faculty leroy.pernell@famu.edu 4034
Perry Beverly Academic Success and Bar beverly.perry@famu.edu 3278
Persaud Shashi Administration shashi.persaud@famu.edu 3275
Persaud Shiv Faculty shiv.persaud@famu.edu 4026
Pissini Theresa Administrative Support theresa.pissini@famu.edu 3205
Polite Erica Information Technology erica.polite@famu.edu 3270
Rasberry Shenae Faculty shenae.rasberry@famu.edu 4005
Reaves Rhonda Faculty rhonda.reaves@famu.edu 3245
Reference FAMU Law Law Library 3289
Reyes Maritza Faculty maritza.reyes@famu.edu 2470
Riggio Doranne Faculty Support doranne.riggio@famu.edu 4022
Rue Yhonsha Career Planning & Placement yhonsha.rue@famu.edu 4038
Saleem Omar Faculty omar.saleem@famu.edu 4011
Security FAMU Law Security 4021
Security Desk Atrium Security 4040
Shelton Sharon Dean's Office Support sharon.shelton@famu.edu 3267
Simmons Jasmine Law Library jasmine1.simmons@famu.edu 3250
Smith Jennifer Faculty jennifer.smith@famu.edu 3256
Sobey Linda Law Library linda.sobey@famu.edu 3251
Stone Achara Law Library acahara.stone@famu.edu 3261
Snyder Adrienne Administration adrienne.snyder@famu.edu 3217
Sykes Alexis Legal Writing alexis.sykes@famu.edu 3222
Taite Phyllis Faculty phyllis.taite@famu.edu 3236
Teron Lemir School of the Environment teron.lemir@famu.edu 3276
Walker Tonya Legal Writing tonya.walker@famu.edu 3211
Weathers Thomas Campus Concierge thomas.weathers@famu.edu 4040
Westbrook Celia Faculty Support celia.westbrook@famu.edu 3234
Williams Eurilynne Academic Success eurilynne.williams@famu.edu 4002
Wilson Katia Admissions katia.wilson@famu.edu 3237
Woodfolk Andrea Student Services andrea.woodfolk@famu.edu 4032
Yant Conchita Finance & Accounting conchita.yant@famu.edu 4014

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