Alumni Organizations

The Alumni Council is the official alumni advisory board for the law school, serving as the liaison between the College of Law and the Alumni Alliance. The Council is the primary vehicle through which alumni will communicate their ideas, questions and concerns to the school.

The Alumni Council:

• Directs and conducts the business and affairs of the Alumni Alliance;
• Advances the goals and objectives of the Alumni Alliance;
• Assists the College in recruiting, career networking, and fundraising; and
• Provides members with an opportunity for professional development and networking.

The mission of the broader Alumni Alliance is to assist, advance and promote the educational mission of the Florida A&M University College of Law.

The purpose of the organization is to:

• Enhance communication between and among the College of Law community, alumni and friends;
• Participate in and support recruitment and other student activities;
• Foster lifetime involvement and commitment to the College of Law; and
• Contribute to the financial stability of the College of Law.

The Alumni Council needs more dedicated alumni to volunteer to help shape the future of the College of Law’s Alumni activities, programs and events. You need not live in Central Florida to participate.

If you are interested in serving on the Alumni Council, please contact one of the officers:

LaDray Gilbert (2008) President

Jared Brooks (2013) Vice President                    

Stephanie Alcalde (2014) Secretary

Tia Gibbs (2005) Treasurer          

Camara Williams (2008) Parliamentarian

Verhonda Williams-Darrell (2011) Communication Liaison